Laure Himy-Piéri

Laure Himy-Piéri was born in 1961. After studying Classics with Russian, she was first drawn to linguistics of ancient languages and passed the Agrégation in grammar. This detour through linguistics and language brought her to the study of poetry: she wrote a thesis on Pierre Jean Jouve (Ecriture et quête de l’identité dans l’oeuvre poétique de Pierre Jean Jouve, 1994) and then specialised in stylistics. She is working on several authors (Jacottet, Jouve, Leiris, Guillevic, Segalen or Blanchot among others), emphasizing more specifically on contemporary writers (but she also published articles on Agrippa d’Aubigné or Malherbe). At the University of Caen Basse-Normandie where she is Associate Professor in Stylistics, Laure Himy-Piéri has created the electronic journal Questions de Style.

  • Interview with Laure Himy-Piéri

    In Caen on the 9 March 2013, Ms Piétri explains the “rightful” voice or the timeless quality of Philippe Jacottet, notions often used to refer to the poetry of the poet from Vaud.