Chroniques de l’éveil de P.-A. Tâche

Les Chroniques de l’éveil published in 2001 gathers three collections by Pierre-Alain Tâche published by Aire: Le Jardin du Midi followed by Temps sauvé (1984), Le Mensonge des genres (1989) and Jour après jour (1993). This poetic trilogy is an important milestone in the poet work. He is pursuing and digging the question of the relationship between poetry and “presence” that constitutes a big part of his poetic concern. Les Chroniques in particular bear witness to an approach to the real and the everyday more immediate than in previous books, as well as to a refined practice of formal and thematic variation. The book gives another perspective to – in different ways according to the collection – the notion of moment (as a point of contact with the real that escapes us) as well as to the concept of place (examining the possibility of poetry to inhabit the world).