Ahmadou Kourouma

Born in 1927 in Togobala, at the crossroad of three future countries (Guinea, Mali and Ivory Coast) Madinka Ahmadou Kourouma made a noteworthy entrance in the literary world between 1968-1970 with Les Soleils des indépendances. Twenty years later, in Monnè, outrages et défis, he goes back to the French colonisation of Mandè before tackling the burning questions of the Cold War and the tribal wars that tore independent Africa, respectively in En attendant le vote des bêtes sauvages (1998) et Allah n’est pas obligé (2000, Renaudot and School Goncourt prize). Ahmadou Kourouma died on the 11 December 2003 in Lyon. His work, denunciatory and fictional, recreates in a amazing and vivid language, the promises and the disappointments of the 20th African century. This witness position has recognised him as one of the main figures of African and Francophones literature.