Emmanuel Dongala

Emmanuel Dongala, writer from Congo-Brazaville born in 1941, passed an MA in Science in the United States followed by a PhD in Organic Chemistry in France where he published in 1973 Un fusil dans la main, un poème dans la poche. In 1977 he decided to go back to teach in his country: he then created Le Théâtre de l’éclair while publishing a collection of short stories, Jazz et vin de palme, and a novel Le Feu des origins (literary Grand prix of Black Africa in 1988). When the Civil War started in 1997, he was forced into exile. In 1998 he moved with his family to the United States. He is now Professor of Chemistry and Francophone literature in Bard College at Simon’s Rock. From his American exile he revives Congo’s political and historical memory in writing hat is full of humour and psychological density where women occupy a privileged place. His original and lucid texts place themselves in the important historical movements that left their mark on Africa. His writings find their originality in his scientific knowledge and his interest with a humanity in danger. His two last novels, Johnny chien méchant and Photo de groupe au bord du fleuve place him now among the important names of Francophone literature.