Georges Schehadé

Poet of the in between, Shéhadé didn’t have to choose between Lebanon, its landscapes, its culture and a certain modern poetry that, as soon as the twenties, irresistibly attracted him to Paris. His Poésies produces from 1938 a work that is both subtle and captivating, combines the meaning of exile and the hope of a childhood rediscovery and opened the great season of the Francophone Lebanese poetry. Recognised by his peers, friend of Jules Supervielle and close to the Surrealist group after World War Two, he moved away from poetry to produce almost exclusively theatre. With Monsieur Bob’le, La Soirée des proverbes or Histoire de Vasco, he is part of the major changes in the after war drama with Audiberti or Ionesco and thanks to the support and friendship of Jean-Louis Barrault he will establish himself as the leader of “theatre of poetry” which will give him international recognition.