Philippe Jaccottet

Since the very beginning, Philippe Jacottet uses different literary genres and his writing is fuelled/enriched by his translations and his literary columns on prose and poetry. From the start, a distant proximity with space and writing qualifies his work. His work as translator (From Homer to Musil) and his daily journal (La Semaison) or his travel log books are opportunities to reflect on the poet’s possibilities. How to express the anguish in front of his passing life or in front of the challenges of the world’s modernity? But also, how to express the calm feeling in front of the obvious beauty of a blooming cherry‐tree? From L’Ignorant (1958) to Ce peu de bruits (2008), the poet always work on the different forms of poetry in order to find the “right touch” which will convey the “sensitive” world and the place of man in it.

  • Extrait vidéo Plans-Fixes Philippe Jaccottet

    Philippe Jaccottet, chez lui, à Grignan, en 1978, parle de la poésie et du lieu, face au journaliste Michel Bory (image : Jean Mayerat ; son : Guy-Jules Renaud), dans le cadre de la collection Plans-Fixes .