Chroniques de l'éveil

Chroniques de l’éveil has gathered in 2001, three collections, which represent an important stage in Pierre-Alain Tâche’s work. Where the call of poetry to the idea of presence is being deepened, where the approach to the everyday is more direct, where a more refined practice of variation is being used. These Chroniques allow in an archetypal way to think about the questions of the moment and place. It is not the only singularities of these poems to try to witness the weaving of the world as well as the simplicity of our days. If the poet tries to recompose these days’ texture, he keeps his trust in the poetic vision despite the fact that it is always threatened.

Marie Frisson
Chroniques de l'éveil
de Pierre-Alain Tâche
Éditions Infolio / ACEL
112 p. – 12 x18 cm
ISBN : 978-2-88474-302-0

9 euros

Pierre-Alain Tâche

After half a century of writing, Pierre-Alain Tâche (born in 1940) has built a large body of work, consisting of a poetic archipelagos constituted by different themes and styles. Those poetic collections, which all illustrate the...