Pierre-Alain Tâche

After half a century of writing, Pierre-Alain Tâche (born in 1940) has built a large body of work, consisting of a poetic archipelagos constituted by different themes and styles. Those poetic collections, which all illustrate the relationship between the poet and the world, use different forms: brevity of the stroke, development of the thoughts, narrative amplitude. One of the main questions raised is the awareness of the moment, specifically in L’élève du matin (1978). Another essential question that arises in L’Inhabité (1980) is how to grow roots in a place, the possibility to inhabit the world. Since the early 80s this search has been developed in a variety of ways while looking for the simplicity of the everyday. Later on, L’Etat des lieux (1998), Nouvel état des lieux (2005) or Roussan (2006) have developed more of a sense of space and travel.

  • Interview with Pierre-Alain Tâche

    Under the light of the late summer 2010, in the heart of his French Riviera garden, Pierre-Alain Tâche is looking with serenity to all of his work that has still to come.
  • Video Plans-Fixes Pierre-Alain Tâche

    The 12th September 2008, in his home in Lausanne, Pierre-Alain Tâche welcome Charles Sigel for a friendly and captivating dialogue for the collection Plans-Fixes (image : Willy Rohrbach ; son : Pierre-André Luthy). He speaks about his agnostic but ardent relation to “presence”.