La Beauté sur la terre

To write in 1927 a myth of beauty without leaving the shore of the leman lake; to be inspired by legends from the classic antiquity while adopting a very modern form of narration; to foil the expectations of lovers of Swiss French texts; such were the challenges that C. F. Ramuz gave to himself in La Beauté de la terre. Winning bet: with this atypical book, the writer follows the work of the renewal of the novel genre and of stylistic creation on which he has been working right from the beginning. The story of Juliette, a young creole who arrives in the district of Vaud in Ramuz’ writing becomes a fable about the relationships between art and life.

Daniel Maggetti et Stéphane Pétermann
La Beauté sur la terre
de Charles Ferdinand Ramuz
Éditions Infolio / ACEL
112 p. – 12 x18 cm
ISBN : 978-2-88474-303-7

9 euros

Charles Ferdinand Ramuz

For a while Ramuz (1878-1947) was considered the main bard of roman Switzerland or the prototype of the writer of the land. Those labels distorted the perception of a work that is among the most original and audacious of the 20th...