Jacques-Simon Eggly

Journalist and political figure of Geneva, president of the association for Swiss living abroad.

"Style is the man, so we say. The bond to the French language, the link with its literature, is as much an approach of love as an intellectual one. This requires a certain elegance and respect of oneself. But there is more. To adopt our French language, it is to take on its ability for analysis, the precision it allows to express a structured thought. The intimate relationship to our own language is the very condition for the full growth of our mind. The lover of French language, who is holding (carrying) its values, is a true agent of a possible dialogue between cultures, so a real individual, ready for an authentic meeting between people: that is to say the hope for a world in peace within its own diversity."

Born in 1942 in Geneva, Jacques-Simon Eggly studied at the Law School of the University of Geneva and at the institute HEI. He started his political and journalistic carrier with the committee “bons offices pour le Jura”, also called from his president’s name Petitpierre Committee. Member of the Geneva General Assembly from 1977 to 1983, he was elected to the National Assembly on the 28 November 1983 where he sat until the 2nd December 2007. He was the Head of the Liberal party from 1997 to 2002. He worked for the Journal de Genève from 1969 to 1998, first as a correspondent in Berne, then as a columnist and a chronicler. He is now a chronicler for the Swiss daily newspaper Le Temps, Professor of History in the Moser School and teaches on an MA program in Journalism for the University of Geneva. He chairs the OSE (Organisation des Suisses de l’étranger) and the association “Hellas and Roma”.

  • Interview with Jacques-Simon Eggly

    J-S Eggly in the Auguste Bachelin room in Neuchâtel, the 18th April 2008, after an ACEL meeting that he chaired, he speaks about the idea of a Swiss Francophony.
  • J.-S Eggly about the collection Le cippe

    J.S. Eggly on the phone for the show Cutlure Club on the channel Léman Bleu dedicated to Francophone literature.