Le déjeu d'Alexandre Voisard

Le déjeu d'Alexandre Voisard

If Alexandre Voisard is the poet who wrote Liberté à l’aube, famous for his fight for an independent Swiss Jura and for his appeal for the freedom of nations, his engaged lyricism is just the top of the iceberg formed by his completed works, full of nostalgia and humor, of tales and everyday moments. Le Déjeu is one of the most accomplished books and which looks into this double question: the personal quest and the interrogation about the power of writing. What Voisard says at the beginning of the book is valid for the rest of his work: “Beware of the first meaning.”

Arnaud Buchs
Le Déjeu
d'Alexandre Voisard
Éditions Zoé / ACEL
112 p. – 12 x18 cm
ISBN : 978-2-88182-632-0

8 euros

Alexandre Voisard

The work of Alexandre Voisard can be surprising by its variety: beyond the poems, the narration is mixed with the log‐book, the drawings with various forms of prose. But this work is before all poetic in the sense that it pays...