Arnaud Buchs

Arnaud Buchs was born in 1971 in Porrentruy, in the Swiss Jura. After studying literature in Lausanne, then in Paris VIII, he taught language and French literature at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and in Zurich. He is now Associate Professor at the University of Lausanne. He wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on the work of Yves Bonnefoy and worked on contemporary poetry, literary theories and aesthetics. He has published at Galilée Yves Bonnefoy à l’horizon du surréalisme (2005) et Une pensée en mouvement. Trois essais sur Yves Bonnefoy (2008). He is also interested in the articulation of poetics and aesthetics, most specifically on the texts by Diderot and Baudelaire about arts. He is a member of the editorial board of La Revue de Belles-Lettres in Geneva.

  • Entretien avec Arnaud Buchs

    Arnaud Buchs explains the choice of Déjeu in the Wild Gallery in Perroentruy in front of some works by Daniel Lopez (“Les Façades d’Okinawa – 77 murs et une brouette”).